Patent Paralegal Training

If you are interested in patent paralegal training, make sure that the course you choose offers courses patent or intellectual property work. There is no set program that focuses exclusively on this area of law, but do make sure you choose one that has been approved by the American Bar Association.

Patent Law

Paralegals who specialize in patent law work with lawyers who represent clients who want to protect their inventions from being used, sold or manufactured by other people for a specific amount of time.

This area of practice can involve helping clients go through the appropriate steps to register a patent. It also includes legal proceedings to help an inventor prevent or stop another individual from using his or her invention after it has been patented.

The paralegal’s job when working with a patent attorney may include preparing correspondence and documents to register a patent. He or she may also be involved in conducting research to make sure that the product being registered has not already been patented by another inventor.

How to Become a Patent Paralegal

If you are interested in becoming a patent paralegal, start by getting a good foundation in your legal studies. There are aspects of patent law that extend into other areas, so you will want to be familiar with corporate law and litigation procedures to give you a good foundation for doing patent work.

To find work as a patent paralegal, focus your job search toward large law firms, corporations and government agencies. These employers are more likely to have patent or intellectual property departments.

Since there is no set patent paralegal training course, be prepared to learn on the job. You will receive some instructions from the lawyer you have been assigned to, but you will also get direction and help from more experienced paralegals in that department.

Your first step is to get hired by a lawyer who specializes in patent work. You can also find an employer that deals with patent or intellectual property matters and apply for a junior paralegal position. Once you have some work experience and have demonstrated that you are an efficient and competent employee, you can apply for an opening in that department when it becomes available.

Patent paralegal work can be rewarding as well as lucrative. If this is an area you are interested in pursuing, make a point of choosing a program offering patent or intellectual property courses as part of its curriculum.

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