Free Paralegal Training

If you are interested in free paralegal training, the way to get it is to find an employer who is willing to teach you on the job. Some attorneys are willing to take a person with a general secretarial background and provide training. If you happen to live in an area where paralegals are in demand and there is a shortage of people trained to do the work, you have a better chance of negotiating this type of arrangement.

Be prepared to hit the ground running if you end up working in this capacity. Law firms are very busy places, and your lawyer may not have a lot of time to teach you the reasons why things are done in a certain way. Developing good relationships with other legal assistants and paralegals is going to be a key component in whether you will be successful working in this capacity, since they are a valuable source of information about office procedures and the correct way to prepare legal documents.

Getting free paralegal training from an employer will help you work at a particular law firm, but if you ever wanted to change jobs, you may have trouble convincing another firm, corporation, government agency or no-profit that you are as qualified as a person who has formal training. There are options available where you can study on your own schedule while holding down a job.

Low Cost Paralegal Training

To get low cost paralegal training, consider taking an online course. The material is very similar to what is covered in a classroom setting, and you have the flexibility to study at a time that is convenient for you. All you need is an Internet connection.

If you are already employed in a law firm, approach your supervising attorney to ask whether the firm will help you pay for the cost of your education. Before you do so, do your homework and check out different programs that are available. Have facts and figures that you can present in support of your request.

You will need to share details about the curriculum and show why the programs you are considering will help you to improve your employment skills relative to your job. Unless your employer is convinced that helping you pay for your education will benefit the firm, you will probably be on your own when it comes to paying for it.

An online search will help you find schools offering online paralegal training that are recognized by the American Bar Association. If you are going to enroll in a program, you want to be sure that it can offer you a quality education.

While you can get free paralegal training on the job, at some point you should invest in taking a recognized course so that you have credentials, as well as a history of practical experience, to show a future employer.

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